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I am a customer experience and product development leader

I drive strategic solutions solving complex business challenges

Dandelion Meadow
Experiences that touch the hearts and minds of consumers
I can't remember a time when I wasn't leading the creation of human-centered experiences


years experience driving the creation of digital products, services, environments and communications


well-known brands who I served developing strategic customer experience solutions that engaged consumers and improved margins


industries I've worked with and  can draw knowledge from to enable the identification of trends and drive innovation

I've been honored to work with some really great companies
They seem to like what I do with them

Working with Cheryl has been an amazing experience. When we started our collaboration she walked right into the middle of a project that was full of great ideas, but had little structure. She artfully helped us weave an inspired brainstorm into a comprehensive plan. Cheryl keeps an eye on the "big picture", yet she has a remarkable capacity to consider all the little details. 

David Bollt

Model Society

I worked with Cheryl after being tasked with creating an online tool for one of our leading consumer healthcare clients.  


From helping us organize a complex assignment, to creative "concepting", to keeping UX defined and top of mind at all times, Cheryl was key to the process. Not to mention an essential part of its ultimate execution and success.

Kurt Nossan

Havas Creative

I have worked with Cheryl for many years and have found her to be both very creative and strategic in her thinking. She has the ability to think globally, but is also very detail oriented.

Cheryl can take an idea and develop it into a complete marketing campaign. Her web designs for for large corporate sites are well thought out and allow for growth and flexibility. 

Patricia Watsula

Canon USA

And how I do it



I set the course based on research, requirements and objectives. Establish a clear strategy.  Create roadmaps, and set  the process to meet the goals.


I dig into the details to understand the consumer needs and desires. I weigh these details against the underlying goals and clearly convey information to the team and the stakeholders. 



I seek to expand the breadth and depth of the work. I look for opportunities to leverage emerging technologies and create new “things” unique to brand, the consumer, the market, and the industry.



I anticipate and course correct
to avoid obstacles we may encounter in our path. 

Stuff happens.
We need to adjust.

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