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I've had the honor of working collaboratively with some great brands and their incredible teams. 


A 5 year relationship with Canon's Reseller Division resulted in the creation of digital products, systems and marketing communications that helped grow the fledgling initiative to hundreds of millions in revenue for Canon. 


The Liberty Mutual Platform is the single source for internal and external insurance agents to get customized product information, education and personalized support. 


The redesign of introduced a more intuitive navigation, incorporated content from America's Next Top Model, and integrated an AR make up try on tool. 


Experience strategy and design on the e-commerce site for Mercedes Lifestyle products, a B2B DAM interface for their dealers, and the digital components for an award winning new vehicle launch.

The Red Lobster story and their seafood standards were better represented with the update to their site. In-store customer satisfaction improved with the new functionality for in-store wait listing and the improved location finder.


Absolut's global cooling initiative was a multi-sensory multi-channel solution that drove product recognition and consumer engagement via a collaboration with Live Earth Film.


Creating this successful glabal brand from the ground up was a dream project. I led the owners and my team on the design a the tattoo-worthy logo design (yes, people have the "Eo" on their body) and brand used elevate the dining and cocktail experience and the Employees Only Products.

A water cooler strategy for improving internal communications between the individual business units provided employees with more than the ability to discuss work. It broke down silos and generated a culture of sharing


An experience engaging young football players in the brand with a "Find your style" interactive quiz, downloadable playlists, pro player profiles and adidas products. 

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