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Mercedes-Benz GLA Packed - more than a trunk-load


The Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class is a front-engine, five-door, five passenger subcompact luxury crossover SUV. It was first presented at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Prior to bringing the car to the United States, Mercedes looked to build awareness among the Gen-Y target for the launch of this more affordable Mercedes-Benz. 


Product & Experience Director

Requirements Gathering

Experience Strategy & Roadmap

Content Strategy

Ecosystem Strategy


The new GLA was unique. It was also not yet available in the United States. This meant the team had to think differently about how to generate excitement for a car not yet seen, and not available to photograph or film.  How were we to introduce this more affordable Mercedes to the Gen-Y target we set our sites on?


Given that the car was the first Mercedes Compact SUV, the primary differentiator, as a Mercedes and a compact SUV, was its trunk space. Our focus was on the amount of space available and how this more youthful target might use that space. We centered on the premise that, what you bring with you is as important as the destination.


A campaign asking GenZ to get packing

Generating a youthful interest in luxury

Months before the release of the car, the team planned a campaign that would feature the cargo space of the new GLA. The space was measured and luxury custom cargo mats representing the exact dimension and space available were created and shipped to a range of celebrity and creative influencers, and ambassadors, across the country. They were asked to share how they would pack the GLA for their ultimate road trip. The cargo they created became the focus of the campaign. 



As our influencers were "packing" their cargo we planned a phased rollout based on the availability of their cargo content, and the delivery of the vehicle. Phase 1 was established to build initial awareness and allow time for collecting, clearing rights, and photographing the cargos of our general influencers. In Phase 2, we launched exclusive ambassador cargos which consumers could vote for their favorite, and enter for a chance to win that cargo. Phase 3 is where we turned the tables on our consumers, asked them to pack and photograph their own cargo, and share via #glapacked to enter a sweeps. 



The campaign hub,, enabled the ongoing addition of content and functionality as the campaign progressed through each phase. Consumers were invited to explore the cargo of the influencers, then select a favorite cargo from the 5 featured ambassador cargos to win.


Following the instructions provided on consumers could then submit their own cargo, via #GLAPacked, for another chance to win. 



Working collaboratively with MBUSA's other agency partners, the campaign was activated across social channels allowing consumers to engage with the content on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The cargo images began popping up across our influencer feeds inviting followers for the journey using #GLAPacked. Mercedes then loaned each of our ambassadors a new GLA for a cross-country excursion with their cargo. The agreement to document their travels on social media generated excitement and drove additional traffic. 


The distinctive cargo images, shared across the social platforms, resulted in over 90 million impressions. There was an incredible 100% net sentiment positive response to the content with over 145K positive likes, comments, and shares. More than 165K consumers visited, and 84% of hub visitors engaged with the site's content.  Over 10K visitors entered the sweepstakes.

Our Gen-Y consumers were inspired to imagine themselves in the new Mercedes GLA, having only ever seen its cargo mat. GLA Packed helped to drive the average age of a Mercedes owner down by approximately 8 years since the campaign.   

Project completed while employed as Experience Director with Publicis Razorfish, New York.

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